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Human Beings

People management and emotional intelligence is something I think is not valued enough in the majority of modern business.

Firstly people management in itself is a skill that is difficult to be trained and when it is, it feels forced rather than natural. Yet poor people management is one of the leading causes of team member departure and illness in the workplace. It is key to fostering an efficient working relationship in collaboration and individual tasks as well as team moral and satisfaction in the working environment.

Emotional intelligence is something I value greatly, being about to sympathise and really understand other people and their emotions is key to creating a strong, happy relationship. I will probably talk about it more in another post but I wanted to mention it here to get you thinking about important parts of life.

There are many people I talk to about their work who see it as a means to an end, something they "have" to do so as to have other things they en…

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